Hey there, My name is Stephanie Englehart

I’m a Seattle native, wife of a church planter, and mama who loves Jesus, coffee, adventuring outdoors, and fine (easy to make) food.

Jesus radically transformed my life at age 13, and it’s been a roller coaster of a ride since. The Lord has used marriage, cross country moves, kids, church planting, career, and sickness to reveal so many areas of unbelief in my life. In 2018 I sat in a hospital room wrestling through relinquishing the idea of control, and through that, Ever Sing was born. It started as updates on my daughters two-week hospital stay, but quickly moved to being a space where I regularly sought to apply the gospel to my own sin, struggle, and joy in every day life.

My prayer for this blog is to bring encouragement in faith, conviction through the gospel of grace, and fervor as we press on towards the goal of knowing and loving God more deeply. But ultimately, I hope that my honest thoughts and confessions come together to bring gospel application to life. That is my true passion - that through my ramblings and run-on sentences you would dive deeper into the gospel and it’s truth with me, every single day.

Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or follow me on social media…I would love to hear from you!